"It's often the short-term confrontations between me and the unknown that make my work become the effect of all those moments linked together. The secret plays an important role, but only if you dare to surrender to it. Is that really what you see, what you think you see?"
dré didderiëns
dré didderiëns studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Tilburg: photography with prof. G. van den Heuvel, painting with prof. Th. van Amstel and art with prof. T. van Kimmenade. He received a scholarship for Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork Ireland.
He spent eleven years abroad (Ireland, Germany, Turkey), where he was active in photography, visual arts and songwriting.
Back in Holland he realized his debut film "Through the streets by train / Trains and rabbits", for which he won the Film Festival of Gorinchem.
Since then he has produced and directed documentaries, installations and short films.
From a social commitment he wants to bring people closer to the sometimes harsh and brutal reality. In his video installations, he uses many different materials and objects.
He says he wants to create confusion, so people will be confronted with themselves. He also declares that he is contrary, he is never afraid of the unknown. The refusal to make concessions is his creed. He creates films that are close to his imaginative and emotional world. He dares to make them so, which results in totally honest films.
"A wonderful documentary of a very engaging artist."
Filmfoyer Tilburg; 2009
"The film reads like a good book."
Folkforum; 2009
"This film, perhaps that kind of pictures that we have as a stereotype in our head, but in a stunning cinematic display."
New Folk Sounds; 2009
"Very special road movie and beautiful filmed."
De Avonden, VPRO; 2009
"His documentaries are honest and show a level of engagement seldom found."
Streaming festival, Den Haag; 2007
"A social movement filmmaker who vigorously works to a small work of profound human films and documentaries."
Mark van der Voort, Brabant Cultureel; 2006
"His artistic approach would ever confuse the average film audience."
Het Nieuwsblad; 2005
"Absolutely the most original film of the festival. Rare picture combinations with beautiful photography make separate and new meanings to. This is artistically justified experimentally."
Filmfrontfestival Gorinchem; Best Short Movie 2004
"Beautiful and integrity made."
Felix Meurders, VARA; 2004
"A gripping work of art."
De Limburger/Limburgs Dagblad; 2004
dré didderiëns realize sometimes in addition to his documentaries, short films and experimental films. Some of his films are, or appear on television, in cinemas and film festivals at home and abroad, like: Holland Doc, L1TV, NPS, Het uur van de Wolf.
A musical film in which the Dutch songwriter Ad van Meurs travels through the heartland of the U.S.A. and meet special people, especially musicians.
Docu, 2009
86 min.
color / b-w
This film was created with a contribution of
'Provincie Noord Brabant', 'Van Abbe museum' and
'Frits Philips muziekcentrum, Eindhoven'.
Like producer Cowboy Jack Clement, David Munyon, Tom Skinner and many more. A nice slow road movie of Dutch design.
A film about the artist Ad van Turnhout with all its struggles and flaws and the beauty of his art.
Docu, 2008
58 min.
color / b-w
This film was created with a contribution of
'Provincie Noord Brabant'.
A movie about the Magdalene houses in Ireland and a poignant meeting with the Irish Jazz Singer Mary Coughlan.
A story of dré didderiëns about his father and his friends and the time spent as a conscript in the Dutch East Indies.
Docu, 2007
52 min.
color / b-w
This film was created with a contribution of
'het Stimuleringsfonds'.
A quiet film about friendship and secrecy and hidden fears.
'Short film' in which a young boy is challenged by others in the forest.

triptych about bullying, 2006
This film was created with a contribution of
'Provincie Noord Brabant'.
'Video' of rapformation NBB, in association with Che (Ongehoord Vet Producties).

'Short documentary' where a woman tells about the impact of bullying.
A short penetrating portrait of filmmaker, writer, composer and friend Jef van der Heijden.
Docu, 2006
20 min.
Jef made in the 60s the much discussed film 'Unconsecrated earth', the first film that was banned in the Netherlands.
After the death of the artist Toon Slegers, there were 2 pictures in his studio that were not completed. One was a big rooster. His last rooster.
Docu, 2005
55 min.
Son Luc sees it as his duty to these images in bronze casting.
A documentary about artists, alcohol, humor, loss, love and... also known as hate.
This short documentary was filmed in the charming Alfama district in Lisbon, where fado, the blues of Portugal, is central.

Docu, Portugal 2005
30 min.
A tragi-comedy about a traindriver after a traumatic experience reality and fiction cannot keep apart. He touched it up in an absurd plan.
Short Film, 2004
20 min.
A traindriver tells about his traumatic experience after he had 9 people under his train who committed suicide.

Docu, 2004
19 min.
A thrilling debut documentairyfilm.
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